Aims and Values


Compass Health provides an innovative, holistic and high quality primary care service to homeless people from Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Compass Health aims to reduce health inequalities and build a client’s trust to sustain appropriate long term engagement in a wide range of mainstream health services.


Championing the needs of all homeless people from Bristol and South Gloucestershire, Compass Health uses a range of different strategies to help clients engage in primary care services – achieving positive outcomes, as well as both short and long-term health improvements.

Understanding the challenges and barriers homeless people face, Compass Health offers a welcoming, friendly, flexible and responsive service – easy to access and hard to be excluded from. By delivering a consistently high quality service with sensitive case management, Compass Health aims to see the successful transfer of clients to mainstream primary care services.

Proactive and creative, the team delivers preventative treatment, early treatment and continuing treatment with the aim of developing increased awareness of available services and self care to reduce reliance on emergency services.

Working in close partnership with relevant agencies, Compass Health provides an integrated approach as it contines to improve and help develop local primary care services for this service user group.  Offering support, guidance and training to the primary care and homeless sectors, the service ensures good care pathways from primary to secondary care for clients.


Equality of Access: the service is accessible to all homeless people.

Recovery Based: with the right care and support clients can achieve as full a life as possible. We nurture hope and opportunity.

Person Centred with Continuity of Care: the needs of clients will lead the way we deliver services and we work hard to ensure continuity of care.

Service User Involvement: clients are involved in all aspects of the service.

Partnership Working: we network and work proactively with all relevant agencies to check joint strategies are user friendly and ensure the best service for clients.

Learning Project: we learn from our mistakes, listen to feedback and be informed by best practice.

Multi-disciplinary Team: a committed, mutually-supportive team with a wide range of experience and ability to collaborate skills for positive client outcomes.

Our Approach: we aim to deliver a respectful, non-judgmental, listening, welcoming, flexible and accessible service to clients. We champion the needs of our service users, through advocating and problem solving to provide a fully holistic service.